The city of Governador Valadares was founded on December 31, 1937, making it a still new city, but already full of stories. Its inhabitants were pioneers in the region and grew through the trade of valuable wood and stones until the 60s, when, due to the depletion of these resources, the city began to experience many difficulties. However, they were surpassed and, as a result, today the city has almost 300 thousand inhabitants, being the stage of major events and natural attractions.

The hotel

The Realminas Hotel and Restaurant was created 26 years after the city, on October 3rd, 1963, and was inaugurated by Juscelino Kubitscheck, accompanied by its founders. Composing the Serra Lima Square, the hotel is located in the city center, being a traditional establishment of Governador Valadares.

Near locations

  • Serra Lima Square – in front of the hotel
  • Atiaia Theater – 8 minutes by walk
  • New Shopping Feira – 4 minutes walking
  • GV Shopping – 12 minutes on foot
  • Municipal Natural Park – 17 minutes by car
  • Pico da Ibituruna – 31 minutes by car, where happens the Free Flight Championship

Pico da Ibituruna: A major tourist spot in Governador Valadares, located 1123 meters above sea level, gives the city the title of World Free Flight Capital. A perfect destination for adventure seekers.

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Praça Serra Lima, 607, Centro, Governador Valadares, Minas Gerais, 35060, Brazil


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Restaurant: (33) 3021-4747
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